Animal Facts | Learn About Types of Animals That Should Be Removed

wild-raccoon-infestation-call-wildlife-x-teamAnimal Facts | Learn About Types of Animals That Should Be Removed

One of the ways you can contribute to the well being of your family or employees is to ensure that you have sufficient wildlife control and that they work and live in a safe environment. Many individuals have been bombarded with unwanted animals and pests that quickly become a nuisance by destroying property or causing harm to individuals. Wildlife X Team provides services which include ecologically responsible methods of pest management that are used in controlling unwanted pest and animal habitation from your property.

Many of the services for ridding your environment of unwanted wildlife include:

  • An inspection to identify the types of wildlife that are present
  • Removing the water and food sources for wildlife
  • Removing harborage
  • Reducing wildlife habitation
  • Caulking
  • Sealing
  • Screening
  • Use of low impact and botanical pesticides
  • Continued monitoring of wildlife
  • Wildlife damage repairs

If you need wildlife control to alleviate the amount of wildlife in your environment, a wildlife prevention and removal service will help eliminate the problems you are having with these animals as well as prevent them from returning. We have professional, well trained Wildlife Specialists, that with care and consideration for your needs and that of wildlife, appropriately remove animals such as opossums, birds, beavers, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos and more.

Wildlife X Team will not only rid your environment of pests and wildlife, we also offer repair services for damages caused by these unwanted guests. These services include installing chimney caps, screening vents, and closing off entry points in order to prevent future wildlife infestation.