The wild pigeon generally has iridescent feathers on its head and neck. They also typically have two black bars across each wing, as well as a white tail end and a black band at the tip of its beak.

The pigeon was the first bird to be domesticated about 4500 B.C. They were often used to deliver messages, due to their outstanding homing skills and ability to use the sun or earth’s magnetic field to return to home.

Pigeons are highly adaptable and can live easily in urban areas and can require pigeon removal. Pigeons have been known to settle temporarily in an area where food is especially good or where there are building ledges, rafters, beams and bridges.

They will pair up with one partner for life. Additionally, both males and females guard the nest and incubate the eggs. Once born, the hatchlings are helpless, blind and downy, and both parents will feed and brood them for at least seven days. The young are able to fly on their own 35 to 37 days after hatching. At this point you might be in need of pigeon removal services.

Rock pigeons and doves prefer cities, towns and rural areas where humans are close by.

The pigeon was first introduced into North America at Port Royal, Jamaica in 1606. They have flourished in large cities throughout the world including North, Central and South America, as well as the Hawaiian Islands and parts of the West Indies.